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Providing simple, cost-effective term management–and a highly personal level of service.

Stanli (The Geodata Information Standards Initiative in Sweden) is a project run by SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute, in close collaboration with SIS stakeholders such as Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration and Lantmäteriet, The Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority and TNC, The Swedish Centre for Terminology. To streamline the production and usage of geodata, Stanli offers a user-driven forum in which public and private sector stakeholders can collaborate to develop, adopt, publish and maintain standards and guidelines for geographical terminology. Standardized methodology simplifies and improves communication between companies that produce geodata and people who use it, saving time and money.

SIS chose TermWeb for collecting, harmonizing and synchronizing the geographical terms within Stanli. Hikmet Hussain, project manager at SIS, says, “When we began to see five or six definitions of the same geographical term, we realized that our department of information management needed a common tool for managing the terminology. We were looking for a tool that offered great accessibility, that could handle different user permissions, that supported file formats in Excel or XML for import/export, and that had excellent import and export options.”

Personal service and powerful data processing from TermWeb.

Today Hikmet Hussain recalls the evaluation process. “SIS was looking for a tool that offered great accessibility that could handle different user permissions, that supported files in Excel or XML formats and that had excellent import and export options. TermWeb had all of the above, plus an easy-to-use interface. In addition, TermWeb offered high-quality personal service. A quick check with existing TermWeb users confirmed our choice.”

The term database used in the SIS Stanli project consists of about 1,400 terms accessible to the project members via the cloud and Interverbum’s browser-based subscription option—TermWebExplore. Interverbum hosts the term database and supports, upgrades and makes backups of SIS data. Hikmet concludes, “TermWeb has turned out to be a solution well worth its price, and we’ve found the staff at Interverbum committed and service-minded.”

Collaboration and communication made easy and accurate.

Patrick Lindén, project manager responsible for both the process and operation of the Stanli project, sees many advantages in having a terminology management tool in place. Mr. Lindén says it makes collaboration between many people easy, with all terms kept at the same place in a secure database.

“In the field of information management, it is critical that terms and definitions are accurate and used consistently, especially when computers have to communicate with each other—for instance, to exchange data,” says Patrick. “TermWeb could also be used at SIS in the standardization of linguistic terms from the healthcare, communications and building industries.”

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