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From implementation and integration to everyday execution, TermWeb combines superior usability with the powerful software your teams need to quickly tackle terminological tasks of any magnitude.


Put your terms to good use

Your communications challenges are diverse and growing every day. The emergence of controlled and standardized language in diverse fields, such as branding, eHealth and eCommerce, is necessary for automation but not easy to implement. By mapping everyday or jargon terms to the controlled language in TermWeb, people can continue using the language they are used to without a loss in efficiency. It’s important to have a strategy tackling this challenge and the many others facing global operations, but you also need the tool that’s up to the job.

Some products are designed to work for one or two specific functions. Some only work within a complex ecosystem of other additional programs. TermWeb just works. So, whether you’re using it by itself as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other applications, the platform-independent TermWeb will help you automate a multitude of tasks, so you can help your business develop what it needs to grow—right now and in the future.

That’s why TermWeb is more than “just another term management software.” It’s the most advanced semantics management platform on the market: powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Powerful performance

With TermWeb, you can use metatags to create relationships between database entries, allowing you to create ontologies across dictionaries easily and on the fly. TermWeb is powerful enough to convert complex and conflicting databases with millions of data entries into a single structured lexical resource—the crucial, driving component to developing the automation and integration capabilities that can complement a product information management system (PIMS) into the foundation of a global eCommerce infrastructure—or provide the semantics interface for Internet of Things (IoT) processing data.

Plus, our open programming architecture makes TermWeb compatible with the other elements of your IT infrastructure. Turn your termbase into a lucrative investment that’s scalable enough to keep up with any communications need, from localization and translation to automated content enrichment (ACE), controlled authoring (CA), global search engine optimization (SEO), content management systems (CMS) integration and more. It also integrates seamlessly with leading language management platforms and third-party programs.

That means you can give your teams a tool that helps them do their jobs efficiently and effectively, without worrying about misinterpretations, errors or other complications.

That’s peace of mind that benefits everyone at every level of your organization.

Flexible functionality

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a terminology management platform that worked exactly the way you need it to, right down to your teams’ most specific requirements? You need full customizability, and that’s where TermWeb really shines.

Easy to use

The greatest benefit of a robust, enterprise-level term management solution is that it keeps terminology consistent for everyone, regardless of language or business unit. But to be truly effective, your solution must also be easy, effortless and intuitive—every time, for every user and at every skill level. You can count on TermWeb to provide a seamless, positive experience that leaves your people satisfied and productive.

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