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Achieving significant cost savings on hosted services & flexible handling of licenses.

With over $3 billion in revenue in 2019 and offices all over the world, software and IT consultancy business Micro Focus is a global company in every sense. To improve how their users around the world experience their products, Micro Focus localizes the software and documentation of their enterprise products from English to 30 languages.

Localization project manager Daniel McGowan works in the company’s Identity and Resource Management area and has used a number of tools that support the translation process over the years. One of his main responsibilities is to make sure translators and language specialists across the world are provided with accurate terminology. Daniel and his colleagues had been using a basic tool that was developed and customized for their needs at the time but found it to be insufficient for their current needs. So when it came to choosing a more capable and efficient terminology management system that fit his company’s needs, the comparisons led to one conclusion: TermWeb.

Multiuser support and integration make TermWeb the right tool for the job.

When the support agreement ran out in the middle of 2009, he decided to start looking for a new tool. He investigated eight tools on the market. After having listed his minimum criteria, five fell away. Daniel then analyzed the three that remained, looking for a hosted solution that could be brought in-house at a later stage and would allow different levels of access to a large number of people in the Micro Focus organization.

TermWeb turned out to match Micro Focus’s criteria closest. What tipped the scales in the end? In addition to TermWeb’s suite of features and capabilities, the flexibility with which Interverbum handled the license issues was highly attractive to the Micro Focus team. While other developers required licenses for every user and payment per number of connections, TermWeb allowed up to a hundred concurrent connections. Even counting TermWeb’s annual support and license fee, Micro Focus’s total localization costs would be far lower than their previous solution.

Significant cost savings and more accurate translations.

Since Micro Focus implemented TermWeb, reactions from translators and language specialists have been positive: The interface is better, and finding terms is both quicker and more accurate than with the old tool. Daniel McGowan’s personal favorite feature is the ability to manipulate a large number of terms, such as changing the attribute of many terms when merging two sets of products.

On top of these everyday usage improvements, TermWeb also has led to significant cost savings as predicted: TermWeb reduced Micro Focus’s annual localization cost for hosted services by about 50 percent.

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