“The Corporate Terminologist”  – a must read for anyone interested in terminology as a discipline and practice!

The Corporate Terminologist, by Kara Warburton, is the first monograph that addresses the principles and methods for managing terminology in content production environments that are both demanding and multilingual, such as those found in global companies and institutions. It describes the needs of large corporations and how those needs demand a new, pragmatic approach to terminology management.

The repurposability of terminology resources is a fundamental criterion that motivates the design, selection, and use of terminology management tools, and has a bearing on the definition of termhood itself.

The Corporate Terminologist describes and critiques the theories and methods informing terminology management today, and practical considerations such as preparing an executive proposal, designing a termbase, and extracting terms from corpora are also covered.

This book is intended for readers tasked with managing terminology in today’s challenging production environments, for those studying translation and business communication, and indeed for anyone interested in terminology as a discipline and practice.

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