TermWeb used as database management software for DatCatInfo.

DatCatInfo, is a free online resource aimed to harmonize the use of data categories across various disciplines within the linguistic research communities and language industries.

DatCatInfo is the Data Category Repository (DCR) that replaces the former ISOcat. It was developed according to the ISO 12620:2019 series of standards. DatCatInfo is maintained by LTAC Global / TerminOrgs, an ISO TC37 liaison, in the TermWeb database management software. The software and hosting services are provided free of charge by Interverbum Tech.

Data categories are specifications of metadata that are used in various types of language resources including terminology databases, lexical resources, linguistic annotation schemes, translation memories, and more. The aim of DatCatInfo is to harmonize data categories that are used in these various resources to increase interoperability.

It is currently maintained by a group of stakeholders who contribute on a volunteer basis. Plans are underway to formalize its governance and complete the overhaul. If you are interested in contributing, or just want to know more, contact Kara Warburton.

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