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Take the next step in terminology management software.

There are many things that make a great terminology management platform. It must be powerful—with updated processing capabilities that allow it to quickly handle complex data at high volumes. And it should be inherently versatile: full of new features that lets users work the way they want to work, from any location and in any environment. But most of all, it should be user-friendly, so that anyone in your organization can feel comfortable using it.

That’s what makes TermWeb 4 the most advanced terminology management software available today. We’ve added a wide range of new features and functionalities that make TermWeb 4 more powerful and flexible, and now it’s also even easier to use—all at the same time.

But don’t just take our word for it! Explore our exciting new functionalities and sign up for a free, live demo to see just how near the future of term management really is.

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New Features



Modern, user-friendly interface

TermWeb 4.0 is more than “the latest version of TermWeb.” In addition to all its expanded computing power, we upgraded its user interface with superior user experience and usability in mind. That includes the addition of new features that keep your team productive, like:

  • A streamlined administrative panel
  • Tab view for side-by-side work
  • The ability to edit multiple related entries simultaneously
  • Unlimited data fields and language presentations
  • Infinite scroll and automatic pagination
  • Automatic search suggestions
  • Unicode support and SSL encrypted login for added security

Built for integration

In addition to being even faster than before, with more processing power to handle even the largest term libraries, TermWeb 4.0 utilizes an open programming architecture that makes integration with other programs second-nature. TermWeb 4.0 also offers seamless cross-platform integration with popular translation and content management systems:

See how TermWeb integrates with translation management systems and plugins:

Easy to manage

Be in complete control of your termbase without sacrificing productivity or user experience. Robust administrative options let you design an experience that fits your users perfectly.

  • TermWeb’s search function offers tab-viewing—just like most modern web browsers—for a more familiar, intuitive experience
  • Edit large quantities of data quickly through a grid structure that functions exactly like a spreadsheet
  • Design, assign and edit user-specific interfaces, search filters, workflows and read/write permissions
  • Preview entries before adding new terms to dictionary, view a term’s entire edit history and trace dictionary changes by user—and even recover and revert to earlier versions of your database

Full multimedia support

Just imagine: linking a short movie to a product entry that teaches users how to install it, or adding a sound file that teaches its pronunciation. Those are just two of many different ways you can expand the functionality of your termbase with TermWeb 4.0.

  • Turn your database into a user manual or an interactive installation guide by attaching documents, images, sound files, videos and external URLs to your terms posts
  • Use visual elements to show the conceptual relations between your terms for quick, intuitive cross-referencing

Adapts to how you work

TermWeb has been rebuilt to support a completely web-based platform. That means no local installation, no maintenance needed and best of all, no problem working in any computing environment you need it too—regardless of browser or operating system.

Effortless setup

Implementing a company-wide term management solution can feel daunting, but not with TermWeb. Our program supports ISO639 and XML-based “TBX” (TermBase eXchange) data formatting standards as well as import/export through MS Excel.

Training & Support

Whether you are new to terminology or an advanced user, our specialists can help you get your system up and running with on-site support or through interactive webinars. Click here to learn more about the terminology consulting services available to you.

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