Terminology management automation @LQA Symposium in Zürich Jan. 30th

Ioannis Iakovidis, MD of Interverbum Technology, will elaborate on the subject of Terminology management automation at the core of linguistic quality at the LQA Symposium in Zürich on January 30th.

A reliable termbase is a key factor in creating, translating and evaluating high quality content. In his presentation, Ioannis will showcase how the lifecycle management of multilingual content can be easily done in the collaborative environment of TermWeb, through the use of customizable user groups and automated workflows. This includes validation and further distribution to a multitude of tools and processes for automation purposes.

Ioannis has more than 20 years’ experience in terminology software development and management. He is a MSc in Computer Science from Linköping University, a founder of Interverbum Technology, and continues working closely with corporate clients in finding automation solutions for semantic integration.

For more information, please contact Ioannis via info.eu@interverbumtech.com

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