TermWeb used as database management software for DatCatInfo.

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DatCatInfo, is a free online resource aimed to harmonize the use of data categories across various disciplines within the linguistic research communities and language industries. DatCatInfo is the Data Category Repository (DCR) that replaces the former ISOcat. It was developed according to the ISO 12620:2019 series of standards. DatCatInfo is maintained by LTAC Global / TerminOrgs, an ISO TC37

“The Corporate Terminologist”  – a must read for anyone interested in terminology as a discipline and practice!

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The Corporate Terminologist, by Kara Warburton, is the first monograph that addresses the principles and methods for managing terminology in content production environments that are both demanding and multilingual, such as those found in global companies and institutions. It describes the needs of large corporations and how those needs demand a new, pragmatic approach to terminology

TermWeb 4.0.6-3 update release

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TermWeb 4.0.6 hotfix 3 has been released! It includes a few feature updates and a number of bug fixes. Our hosted servers will receive the update during the coming weekend 6th-7th of March. Enjoy! Please find the full release notes here: TermWeb 4.0.6-3 release notes


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Trade shows and conferences provide an important opportunity to meet and keep up to date among language technology partners and industry specialists. Of course, due to the Corona virus, most meetings are held online. Here are some of the business events that we look forward to:  GALA Connected Online Conference on March 23-25 Vitalis –