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Terminology consulting

Expertise and Experience

Terminology management, quite simply, is management of the seemingly unmanageable. We designed our legacy terminology management platform—TermWeb—to do just that, and our update to TermWeb 4.0 takes that dream a few big steps closer to reality for our clients around the world. But implementing a full-fledged, enterprise-level term management system can still be a complex, confusing process.

That’s why we also offer specialized consulting services—to help companies of any size, no matter their unique needs, enter the world of terminology management with the biggest advantage as they can get. Alongside our technology platforms, we leverage our many years of practical industry expertise to help you make the most of your new investment.


Infrastructure assessment

Our expert implementation team stands ready to assist your team in every aspect of the implementation process. We’re here to help you right from the very beginning—and even before then. We’ll work with you to examine and understand your organization’s internal terminological processes, then build and implement processes that will help promote your multilingual ambition.

Implementation management

Moving to TermWeb from SDL MultiTerm or another term management system won’t slow you down. We’ll collaborate with internal stakeholders to help bring TermWeb, our terminology management software, together with your existing software processes, including:

  • Large software platforms such as SDL Trados Studio
  • Your labeling and billing systems
  • Your translation, spelling and grammar control

We’ll also ensure that the interface and database structure used by your organization’s version of TermWeb is best suited to your needs.

Click below to see an example of how TermWeb 4.0 integrates with some of today’s leading language translation services.

Term extraction & database creation

We will work with your team to fully integrate the current environment with TermWeb, as well as port your data to TermWeb. The user interface and database structure of TermWeb can be adapted to suit your requirements. Here’s how that works:

1. Term inventory

We extract terms from your approved documentation and translation memories to create your company- or industry-specific term database.

2. Extracting your terms

The extraction process can be done on its own or as part of a translation. Your documents are automatically analyzed as we extract and filter your terms.

3. Quality assurance

The extracted terms are analyzed and approved by your experts (or in collaboration with one of our experienced terminologists) to ensure your whole enterprise has access to the most accurate terms with minimal changes needed.

4. Building your glossary management database

With the extracted terms, we can build one or more term databases that are easily searchable and manageable. Terms can be categorized in any way that suits your business, encouraging “recycling” or frequent reuse of the concepts in your database.

The end result is a normative term database with fewer translation errors that can be applied by content creators and translators, thus improving accuracy and efficiency in authoring, publishing and translation management of any multilingual content.

Database management

With TermWeb installed and your terminology databases ready to start growing, the fun part—bringing your organization together through clear, accurate communication—can finally begin! But that’s not where things end. We’re here whenever you need us to provide ongoing database management and technical support.

Expert training

Our experienced terminology management experts provide user and administrator training for everyone who will be in contact with the terminology management system.

We make terminology management easy, efficient and effective.

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