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TermWeb with XTM Cloud

XTM Cloud users get leading terminology management with TermWeb.

XTM is the world's leading cloud based enterprise Translation Management System with an integrated Computer Aided Translation tool. It is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core.

TermWeb from Interverbum Technology is the most powerful terminology management solution anywhere. Web-based, with an open architecture for easy integration, TermWeb includes advanced workflow and administrative options for extensive automation support.  

Now the two systems link together seamlessly to give XTM Cloud users the benefit of advanced terminology management. While translating or reviewing texts in XTM Cloud, the TermWebIntegrator plug-in will prompt the user to pick the preferred term from TermWeb’s central repository. And terms suggestions from XTM Cloud will automatically turn up in TermWeb, ensuring a continuously updated term-base.

Even a new-comer to TermWeb will need only minutes to set up and configure the integration, to get ready to work in a fully synchronized way.

Add TermWeb to XTM Cloud—and make your multilingual communications more accurate, easy and cost efficient.


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