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TermWeb and SDL WorldServer

Now the most powerful terminology system integrates fully with SDL WorldServer.

SDL WorldServer is a leading translation management system. It is designed to centrally manage, automate and control high volumes of translation projects across multiple language service providers to deliver quality translations on time and on budget. TermWeb is the leading terminology management system, designed to centrally manage, automate and control high volumes of terms and phrases.

Link seamlessly

Now the two systems link together seamlessly and give the many global companies that use SDL WorldServer the option of integrating state-of-the art terminology management.

The TermWebIntegrator API

In TermWeb, you just use the TermWebIntegrator API. While translating or reviewing texts in WorldServer, TermWebIntegrator will prompt the user to pick the translated terms from TermWeb's central term repository. And terms suggestions from SDL WorldServer will automatically turn up in TermWeb.

And this is really easy: even if you are new to TermWeb it will only take you a few minutes to set up and configure the integration and then you will be ready to work in a fully synchronized way.

Accurate, easy and cost efficient

Add TermWeb to SDL WorldServer—and start tailoring your terminology management system to your needs. Together, they make your transcultural communications more accurate, easy and cost efficient. 

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TermWeb is fully compatible with
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