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Many aspects of TermWeb® can be tailored to suit an organization’s specific needs. TermWeb features a unique variety of administrative options, including a dynamic database structure, multiple glossaries/dictionaries, custom filters, user permissions, usage statistics and more. Administrators are in full control of who is able to access what. This is done by creating customized filters, views and group access profiles, which ensures that extranet members such as customers or vendors will only see the term fields and database sections that are relevant to their needs. This read-only access can still be combined with—or denied—data-exporting rights and more.

Search options provide great flexibility. Users can search in one, two, or more entry fields. Wildcard and fuzzy searches are also standard. Through the use of filters, refined searches including nontextual information can be made in all fields. User groups with limited access can make the same refined searches, but only within their predefined glossaries and permitted fields.

By setting up customized filters and views, administrators will define efficient workflows for participants in the terminology management process. Stakeholders such as process owners, subject-matter experts, branding and language specialists—in-house or out—will find their work defined for them upon log-in. TermWeb’s tracking features (see below) make it possible to see, in real time, who is contributing what in each term-entry field, including comments and suggestions visible to the core group only. This provides for easy collaboration to speed up and maximize quality in the terminology development process. The resulting efficiencies in all-around acceptance by the stakeholders will greatly facilitate implementation, bringing about the sought-after cost and quality gains that drive terminology initiatives.

TermWeb supports unlimited data fields and language presentations. Relations of different types can be established and represented graphically between concepts. Exact cross-referencing can be made on concept and term level.

Another essential TermWeb feature is complete administrative traceability. All actions are logged in detail by an administrator, making it possible to track the history of individual terminological entries. This tracking function also makes it possible to reverse an erroneous action by clicking an Undo button.



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