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Building your company-specific
glossary management system


Building your company-specific glossary management system


With our term extraction services, we can create new glossaries by extracting words and phrases from your existing documentation and translation memories, then compose definitions and classifications, which are then moved into a searchable term database. This database is a powerful tool for promoting consistency in terminology throughout your communications and translated materials.

  Translate faster, cheaper


With a reliable term database, your translation and authoring work become more efficient and cost-effective. It offers many advantages during the translation process:

  1. Easy, enterprise-wide access to the most accurate terms
  2. Reduces the amount of changes needed
  3. Acts as a tool for consistency analysis and delivery inspection
  4. Makes translations less dependent on translator version of text
  5. Increases “recycling” in updates and new versions
  6. Reduces risk of errors being translated to other languages
  Managing your terms


Term extraction is an ongoing process. As you develop new products and documents, you will add new terms to existing glossaries and build new databases. We offer an industry-leading terminology management system, TermWeb, that can help you update and manage your terminology database, all from a Web browser.

How Term Extraction Works

Term inventory
We extract terms from your approved documentation and translation memories to create your company- or industry-specific term database.

Extracting your terms
The extraction process can be done on its own or as part of a translation. Your documents are automatically analyzed as we extract and filter your terms.

Quality assurance
The extracted terms are approved by your experts (or in collaboration with one of our experienced terminologists).

Building your glossary management database
With the extracted terms, we can build one or more term databases that are easily searchable and manageable. Terms can be categorized in any way that suits your business.

The end result is a normative term database that can be applied by content creators and translators, thus improving accuracy and efficiency in authoring, publishing and translation management of any multilingual content.

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