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The online terminology management portal


The online terminology management portal


TermCentral is an online terminology marketplace from Interverbum Tech, featuring a broad selection of terminology databases from different industries.

On TermCentral, you’ll discover a world of dictionary and glossary management tools and reference resources—including industry-standard glossaries, such as standard legal dictionaries, as well as a variety of original glossaries. Glossaries are available in a variety of languages.

When you purchase glossaries, everyone in your organization will have access to all of your content from any computer with a Web browser and Internet connection. You can also integrate your glossaries with TermWeb, our premiere terminology management system. We can also help you build your own glossary of company-specific terms.

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Here are a few examples of the terminology databases available through TermCentral:

Over 10,000 railway and train traffic terms in Swedish and English

A telecom and IT database featuring over 17,000 terms in English, French, Spanish, Swedish and German.


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